Hardwood charcoal are easy to ignite and burn with no smoke and flames. The minimum burning duration, depending on the type of grill, is 3.5 hours.

Test data outlining the main properties of the hardwood charcoal:

Name Property Unit Value Tolerance (limit value)
Sulphur Content


0.080 ± 0.004 No defined limit value
Moisture content


3.89 ± 0.12 < 8%


3.34 ± 0.10 < 8%
Fixed carbon


76.67 ± 1.53 > 75%
Heat of combustion / lower limit of the operating fuel / MJ/kg. 28.81 ± 0.09 No defined limit value

The process for monitoring and controlling the pyrolysis is completely automated. This allows to maintain constant quality and properties of the produced hardwood charcoal.


The hardwood charcoal can be packaged in polypropylene and paper bags. The average quantity of charcoal in a polypropylene bag is around 15 kg.
We offer the following packages in paper bags: 1.5 kg; 2 kg; 3 kg; 5 kg; 10 kg

Paper bag of 1.5 kg

Paper bag of 2 kg

Paper bag of 3 kg

Paper bag of 5 kg

Paper bag of 10 kg

Polypropylene bag of 15 kg

We also offer packaging the hardwood charcoal in containers provided by the customer.
Our hardwood charcoal are suitable for wholesalers, restaurants, pubs, etc.